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Reconstruction -- a podcast, a video, and possible primary (and secondary) sources

Here's an interview with Eric Foner, who has a complicated view of the assessment of the Reconstruction era. The second half of the podcast has some key information and critiques of the Reconstruction Amendments (13, 14, 15) that should help you decide how to proceed in your plans. (If you click on the link above, you should also see a transcript which might be faster in finding what you need.)

The History Channel has a great feature on the 15th Amendment and the subsequent Voting Rights Act of 1965.

This PDF (below ) has a set of primary and secondary sources which can be used in your presentation:

Data source: University of Virginia Geospatial and Statistical Data Center. United States Historical Census Data Browser.

Finally, here is a relevant example on how two historians THOROUGHLY analyze a primary source (h/t to Kevin Levin). This well-designed presentation features a conversation between Dr. Kimberly Kutz Elliott and Dr. Beth Harris: