Mr > Bolos and Beth the SILC (periods 7 & 8)

Colonial Comparison: SIMs and DIFFs

How to do the homework on Google Slides (VA). Consider the following requirements:

  1. Choose 2-3 contiguous slides, more or less. Claim them before others do.
  2. Leave thoughtful and thorough annotations as comments which should include the following:
    • → Short textbook quotes which are explained in relation to the slide content (ST)
    • → Possibly an original analysis for images or documents covered (or not covered) in class* (ST)
    • → Comments as pure narration (OK)

Ask yourself: "How can I corroborate, or contradict, or analyze what is in the frame, and also provide empathetic narration on these chosen slides?"
    Allow yourself to use the tools in Google Slides to draw or highlight specific areas of the slide.

    *this depends on the slides chosen