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How have you disappointed your parents?

This is an ANONYMOUS survey, so feel free to be as honest as possible, keeping in mind my role as a mandated reporter. This will make more sense once you have seen the assessment for John Dolan, the young Freedom Rider working with CORE.

UPDATE: after reading so many of your heartfelt comments, I listened to this show about sleep deprivation, competition, grades, homework, and parental pressure. If you get a chance, it's worth a listen: 

The Civil Rights Movement

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Period 5 

Period 6

Why did it take approximately 100 years for basic civil rights to be granted to Black Americans? What were the proximate and ultimate factors contributing to the passing of Civil Rights legislation?

Please read OpenStax by clicking here. The assessment (based on both the reading and the presentation below) will be formally assigned once the presentation is concluded. But early commenters can get feedback in class.

NOW, consider the following requirements:

  1. Choose 2-3 adjacent slides, minimum.
  2. Leave thoughtful and thorough comments (annotations) as text, audio, or video (w/ partner, only)
  3. The strongest comments are tied directly to the textbook (cited), but you may also respond to another student's comments, and/or provide an original analysis for slides, images or documents not covered in class. Other comments can and should provide narration, but won't be assessed as highly as textbook-based or original analysis kinds of comments.
  4. Ask yourself: "How can I corroborate or contradict, analyze what is in the frame, or provide empathetic narration on this particular slide?"

Note-taking guide below or make a copy HERE.

Eyes on the Prize: "Ain't Scared of Your Jails"

Think about the "bump back" mentioned in Ellison's Invisible Man. What were the proximate causes of the legislative changes the United States enacted in the the mid-1960s? As you watch the film, Eyes on the Prize: "Ain't Scared of Your Jails" (linked below), fill in the study guide with specific details from each technique used by activists:

  1. FILMclick here to watch (no need to download)