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"What Really Happened in the Boston Massacre?"

Read and ANNOTATE this packet for our next class and bring any questions to ask. Pay special attention to the embedded primary source, "Deposition of Captain Thomas Preston", as this will become our "baseline" testimony. Though this is a formative assessment, failure to read closely will certainly have a deleterious effect on your next summative assessment (TBA). 

"No More Kings": Was the American Revolution justified?

Note: the front page of the worksheet below is homework (if you did not complete it in class). 

After watching the School House Rock video, consider (do not write) responses to the following critical analysis questions:

  1. Who is missing from this video?
  2. How is King George portrayed?
  3. How are the colonists portrayed?
  4. What is the apparent purpose of the taxes?
  5. How is the characterization of the U.S. President contrasted with the King of England?

What questions do you have?


A Puritan Primer / A New Trier Primer

Fill out the following worksheet on your own or with one of your peers. For the NTHS portion, sketch out a few ideas on the back of the worksheet and then transfer one of them to the appropriate Google slideshow. If you work with someone else, please leave a comment with both of your names for credit. Make it NEW TRIER-specific, not just high school-specific :)

The original: